Ann Arbor Tournament Results

Post date: Aug 30, 2016 4:46:45 AM

The Apostles went 2-2 over the weekend in Ann Arbor. We had a couple injuries the week before the tournament that kept us from sending a full squad but had a couple friends of the Apostles fill in. We'll get them next time.


Michigan 9 - Apostles 7: It took us a half to get it together but couldn't come back.

Apostles 18 - Michigan State 8: We found our mojo in this game


Lindenwood A 13 - Apostles 7 or 8: We think that was the score. We got off to a slow start but couldn't come back. Lindenwood has some very good players, caps off to them.

Apostles 18 - Lindenwood B 6: We were happy with our defense in this game as it lead to our goals.


Nick Velasquez, Apostolos Karagiannis, Eric Boldon, Adam Kaplan, Charlie Weikel, Pete Matuszak, Rob Dolezal, Egan Sweeney, Nikolai and Alex